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Different Show Plate Sizes

At we offer a choice of different show plate sizes. If you’re new to buying show plates online that may surprise you but actually, when it comes to number plates there are more size options than you might think, so it is important to ensure that you buy the ones that are right for you. Different Show Plate Sizes

Bike show plate sizes

If you are buying show number plates for a bike it stands to reason that your show plate sizes will vary from those or a car owner but did you know that, even amongst bikes, there are a range of sizes to choose from.

The front number plate size for a standard bike is 9 x 7 inches, with the rear also being 9 x 7 inches but is yours a standard bike? If you’re not sure, you should absolutely check and measure your current number plates before placing your order for your show plates online. Classic bikes and foreign bikes, for example, may well require a different size of plate.

Car show plate sizes

The size of the number plate on a standard car in the UK is 20.5 x 4.5 inches and that measurement is the same for the front and back. However, there are many cars that don’t fall into the category of ‘standard’. Particularly amongst our market many people purchase show number plates specifically to display unique and unusual vehicles. If yours is a foreign vehicle, a classic car, a heavily modified car or even if you just don’t feel that your number plate looks the same size as those on the cars around you, take the time to get a tape measure out and make sure or the size.

Of course I’ll check my show plate sizes!

It sounds obvious. Maybe it even seems silly to some that we would write a post like this but in our experience there is no ‘of course’ about this. Every year people contact us to say that they have bought the wrong size plates. Where humans are involved, human error will be as well, so we thought we’d take the time to remind you.

It is quick and easy to order your low cost show plates online and you’ll have them with you in 24 hours. Before you press that order button, just take a minute to get your tape measure out and double check your show plate sizes.

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