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Buying Show Plates For Events

Our show plates are so low cost and easy to purchase that they are used for a whole host of reasons but the undisputed number one reason to buy private number plates is still, definitely, for use at car related events.

Where can you use show number plates?

The only place you can’t display show plates on your car is when you are driving on a public road. Aside from that you are limited only by your imagination. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of car shows, bike enthusiast shows, cruise meets and vehicle forum events every year in the UK. If you love your vehicle, whether it is a car, bike, van or anything else – and enjoy putting in the effort to keep it looking fantastic, then they are a really enjoyable way to show it off and to meet other like-minded people.

Show plates are simply the easiest, lowest cost way to ensure that when you’re at these events your car looks truly unique. Not to mention, a private number plate is also one of the most memorable, therefore most effective, ways to do this.

People notice and remember number plates. We’re programmed to look at text. If you have spent money on a vehicle that you are proud of, as well as on modifications such as alloys, bodywork and more, then the addition of a private number plate is a no brainer. Our show plates begin at just £19.98 and all of our products include free delivery. If you’re headed to a vehicle show, put the icing on the cake of your fabulous car or bike for under £20.

How to use show plates at shows

As we have mentioned, show plates are not road legal private number plates. You must wait until you arrive on the private property of the event you are attending to affix your plates. So you will be pleased to hear that we make our show number plates incredibly quick and easy to affix. You can do it in minutes.

If you would like your vehicle to stand out from the crowd at your next enthusiast event, enter your details into our online show plate maker now and you could have your custom plates in your hands within 24 hours.

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