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Bike Show Plates - What Are They?

Getting a custom bike show plate made up is one of the simplest and cheapest ways around to make you motorcycle stand out from the crowd. Whether you are building a bike for the road or want to create an awesome show winner you should consider getting a number plate made up that fits the style of your machine.

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There are a great number of bike show plate manufacturers in the UK who will make up plates for you but unfortunately because of changes in the law it is now becoming increasingly difficult to find someone who will make a plate which doesn't conform to legal standards. One of the ways around this is to go to one of the companies which offers to send you a kit which allows you to make your own. You get all you need send through the post and all you have to do is apply a transfer with the lettering on it to the blank plate to complete your registration plate.

Of course, the reason it’s so hard to get a hold of bike show plates which don't comply to the standard is that it is now illegal to supply them in the UK. All plates made by a UK company which contain a registered UK license number must by law comply to the standards set out by the DVLA. The reason for this is obviously to allow for standardization of plates of all vehicles on the road which will allow for easier reading of your lettering by police officers and speed trap cameras.

If you want to get a cool custom bike show plate made up for your road bike you’re going to have to go to an underground plate manufacturer. But at the end of the day the hassle may be greater than it is worth, and you could end up with a £30 fine along with a police order to put the original plates back on anyway.

The other alternative is to order online from somewhere like Northern Ireland where the legislation is not in force. Note that it is still an offence to display these plates on the public road.

There is some future legislation planned to further govern the supply and use of bike show plates , it is rumoured that Northern Ireland will be brought into line and bike show plates will have a different color background , this to combat people who buy show plates and then use them on the public road because they have bought a personalized registration number which requires mis spacing before it makes any sense.

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