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When And How To Use Your Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates are, without doubt, most often used by car, bike, classic vehicle and camper van enthusiasts attending shows and meets. This is the most obvious and most frequent role of the humble show plate. However, it is by no means the only reason to buy a set of personalised number plates. At prices starting under £20 they make great gifts and sometimes even a unique stag and hen party idea!

Unique applications for show number plates

Let’s start by thinking outside of the box a bit here. You’d be amazed by the wide range of text and slogans we have been asked to print onto personalised number plates and, over the years, it has given us some interesting insight into what our customers are using their plates for.

Famous number plates – fans of TV shows, movies and drivers with recognisable license plates are able to recreate plates they admire, with the correct size, shape and lettering, using our online show plate generator

Gifts for young car and bike enthusiasts – even if you’re too young to drive a vehicle of your own you are never too young to display your own personalised number plates on your bedroom wall! Show plates can look great as part of themed décor

Theatre sets – speaking of themed décor, when is a show number plate really a show number plate? When it’s on the stage!

Stag and hen parties – you can use your imagination as to how personalised number plates might be employed during a stage or hen party but, judging by some of the things that we have been asked to print onto plates (and we’re not judging, of course!), some people out there really are using their imaginations!

Show plates for shows

Naturally, if you have a vehicle that is your pride and joy and you enjoy meeting with other enthusiasts, attaching personalised number plates to your vehicle at these meetings and events can be a fun, distinctive way to add a personal touch to your vehicle. If you have spent time and money modifying it yourself, show number plates are simply the low cost, easy way to complete your customised vehicle.

Have you used show plates in any other interesting ways? We’d love to hear about it, so please let us know.

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