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Custom Number Plates

Custom number plates, once the preserve of car enthusiasts with a show to go to, are now purchased by more diverse groups of people than you might imagine.

With our low cost yet great number plates now online for as little as £19.99 there is no reason why everyone can’t have their very own private number plate, if of course they want one. So, who does want custom number plates and what do they use them for? We thought we’d take a moment to profile a few of ourcustomer groups, including some of the less obvious ones that might surprise you.

Custom Number Plates

Custom Number Plates & Their Customers

Car enthusiasts

Unsurprisingly, our largest customer base is still car enthusiasts. That groups is pretty diverse in itself. Amongst those ordering number plates online are classic car show attendees, those planning to show their customised modern vehicles and enthusiasts of foreign cars, amongst others. In short, anyone that has put loving time and energy into a vehicle and wants to embark on the joy of sharing their passion with other enthusiasts, probably wants private number plates to finish the look off just right. We are always happy to oblige.

Bike enthusiasts

The same as the car lovers, we have an entire customer base made up of people ordering custom number plates for their show ready motorbikes. They’re gleaming, they’ve been pristinely maintained or lovingly restored and and they’re going to look even better with their own private number plates.

Stag and hen party organisers

We told you that there were some unexpected customer groups in our list, didn’t we? Well you’ve heard about people wearing ‘L plates’ on their hen parties, haven’t you? These days, now it is so easy and cheap to buy number plates online, they really take the tradition to new levels! We have supplied many a stag and hen party in recent years.

Car enthusiasts without the cars!

You don’t need a car to buy a custom number plate you know? We get a fair amount of number plates bought online as presents for a younger generation of car lovers, who simply want to display them on the wall. Then of course there are theatre and TV set designers and a whole host of people buying private number plates for their own unique reasons.

Whatever the reason that you need a custom number plate, you can order one from us for as little as £19.99, with free next-day delivery.

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