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Buying Personalised Number Plates As A Gift

Do you have a car or bike enthusiast in the family? Perhaps your best friend is planning to show off their camper van at their first event in the near future and you’re thinking that personalised number plates would make the perfect gift. It’s a great idea.

Personalised number plates are a simple, low cost way to modify a vehicle and make it truly unique. If you’re buying them on behalf of someone else, you just need to make sure that you know a little about their preferences.

Buying Personalised Number Plates As A Gift

What information do show plates require?

Show plates are not the same thing as road legal private number plates. They are a fun way to put a personal stamp on a car, bike or van. As such, there is no information that show plates absolutely have to include.

You will notice that the ‘text’ and ‘slogan’ areas on our online show plate generator are free text – meaning that you can type anything you like in those spaces, as long as it fits within the allowed number of characters. Some people use their name, or the name of their vehicle in the text section. Others might reference the make of their vehicle, or even a favourite sports team. The slogan section can include anything from the name of a car club to a favourite quote, or anything in between.

Our advice, if you are intending to buy show plates for someone else and you don’t want to simply ask them what they want their plates to say, is to make sure that you know the person well, know the events that they will be taking their vehicle to and have a good idea of what they might want their plates to say about their vehicle and about them.

That might sound like a lot but it is all worth considering. Of course, all things taken into account, buying show plates is not a huge gamble. Our personalised number plates start from just £19.98 and come with free delivery, so they don’t represent a huge outlay. Also, there is nothing stopping a person from buying more than one set of show plates for the same vehicle, so buy buying them for someone you are in no way stopping them from designing some of their own in the future.

When do people use show plates?

People use show plates for all kinds of reasons. Whether you’re planning a gift for a serious car enthusiast for a 10-year-old’s bedroom wall, they can be a unique and thoughtful present idea.

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